To Dance on the Moon
  • Ceol Chiarrai

To Dance on the Moon

Champion dancers, top musicians combined with modern staging and lighting make this production a memorable theatrical dance event. Conceived especially for the theatre and produced in Ireland during 2000 and following a successful 7 years of Worldwide sell out tours, To Dance on the Moon is back and will be touring throughout the world during 2011/2012.

A show which incorporates all the fascinating power and exuberance of traditional Irish Celtic dance combined with the mystique of their legends, music and songs.

To Dance on the Moon is a tale of longing, striving and daring – with the pain and excitement of growing – a love story with the additional spice of Celtic mystery. Enter this magic world where haunting tunes, wild rhythms and the gaiety and thrill of traditional modern Irish dance and music will carry you along on an exciting journey down paths that few have ventured. The moon shines above us, but her influence is subtle. Looking up is perhaps the wrong direction – particularly when the ground under your feet is none too steady. . .

To Dance on the Moon – to strive for the impossible – to fulfil one’s wildest dreams. We all have some secret dream but in our waking hours we find a host of logical reasons for never entering the maze of difficulties which crowd the path to achieving it. We keep our feet firmly and safely on the ground, walk the approved path – although it may lead away from our our dream. Sometimes an inner voice whispers in the dark of other possibilities. Sometimes a special force is needed when we cannot find the way to happiness – when we need to do the impossible – when we want to. . . Dance on the Moon.

Close your eyes and let yourself sink into the beautiful and dangerous world of Celtic-Irish mysticism. This world is strange to us and yet strangely familiar. Legendary figures rise out of the mists to threaten or to lead us down secret paths to our goal. Life is a riddle and one needs to develop a sure instinct to find the life-giving answer. This is what Daigh discovers when he starts on the adventure of walking unknown paths. And who is the stranger who is watching him? But when Niamh suddenly disappears he knows that he must follow and find her. He feels that his life depends upon it .

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